Japanese-Inspired Gluten-Free & Vegan Soulful Food - Tue 17 Oct 2017

logo horz header 550x155px v2Japanese cuisine is naturally light and energizing. Join Cécile Wehrell as she shows you how to create gluten-free and vegan versions of classic Japanese dishes. Your Far East feast features Cécile’s flavour-packed Miso Soup; tasty Shiitake Mushrooms & Leeks with Miso Sauce; hearty Sesame Baked Tempeh & Barley; and crunchy Arame (seaweed) Salad..

Please be advised that our Cooking Schools are not allergy-free zones


Tue Oct 17 2017 - 6-8pm, Loblaws, 1100 Princess Street , Kingston
$30.00 * per person

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