Eat-Healthy Consultation

HP 250px consultCecile's one-to-one Eat-Healthy Consultations are ideal if you want to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. Here you can discover flavourful vegetarian cuisine. You can explore and sample a variety of little known vegetables and plant based foods.

As a devoted vegetarian for over 25 years Cecile's Untamed Kitchen has a passion for food, cooking AND vegan/vegetarian.We've gained an infinite number of cooking and nutritional tips that we enjoy passing along to others.


Whether you:

  • Want to feel better.
  • Need to lose weight.
  • Have cardiac issues.
  • Have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

We believe:

  • Small steps and learnings can help motivate change.
  • Basic knowledge along with tips and tricks can jumpstart a healthier outlook.
  • Simple healthy eating habits are easy to integrate into everyday life.


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Our Eat-Healthy Consultation:

  • Introduces vegetarian benefits.
  • Introduces vegetarian cooking.
  • Helps with tips and tricks to jumpstart your program.
  • Offers support as you transition—benefit by having a support partner.
  • Inspires you to make peace with your kitchen.

Learn in the privacy of your home.

We believe you'll notice benefits in less than a week.

Let’s Team Up!
Consultations are 3 hours—your first session also includes a pre-session (often by phone) so we can decide what best suits your preferences and lifestyle. This helps us prepare so you receive maximum value.

  • We come to you. That way you can be in the comfort of your kitchen and I can support you there.
  • We bring my travel cooking kit (my staples) to use.
  • We shop for and bring the groceries we’ll need.
  • After the session, we send you the recipes that we have discussed.

Pricing - starting at $180 + groceries per initial session.

If requested, follow-on sessions can be arranged. Or you may decide to continue your Eat-Healthy learnings at one of our workshops.

Contact us to help with your dinner party OR a class, demo, eat-healthy consultation or a unique food idea you’d like to talk about.

In home class with food to share! - "I had four neighbours over and everyone raved about how good the food was. I told them to admit if they didn't like something because I wasn't the main chef, but they were crazy about all of it. The biggest hits with the men were the seed pate, spelt and chickpea burgers. They seem to like the heaviest things. I think my carnivore neighbour is ready to turn vegan! He was grinning the whole meal. The beet salad was a fav with the ladies and they wanted to know the secret ingredient." Tricia Feb 2017

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